Life Coaching Holidays

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  • Life Coaching
  • Personal Development
  • Stress Management Counselling

Combine a great holiday in comfortable surroundings with our tailor made program of Personal Development Counselling, Stress Management and Life Coaching.

We all go on vacation to relax, unwind, rest and be rejuvenated. Consciously or unconsciously, whilst away from the demands of our regular routines, many of us use our time on holiday to reflect, put our lives into perspective, plan our next move - either personal, professional or both, to set goals and to get clearer about the direction we want our life to follow.

Life Coaching will assist your progress in several areas of your life including:

  • Personal Development
  • Health and Lifestyle including weight management
  • Career and Educational Development
  • Family relationships including parenting
  • Personal Relationships
  • Time, Workload and Stress Management
  • Finances
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Redundancy
  • Returning to work or planning for retirement

In fact, any area of your life, aspiration or goal can be worked upon. During the process, you will gain insight into any limiting beliefs and dynamics which have previously held you back.

Packages are designed to meet individual needs. Coaching beyond the duration of your holiday will continue for twelve weeks online or via Skype, telephone or email to support and encourage the achievement of the decisions you have made and to help keep you on track.

In a crisis? We offer a ‘TLC’ service including airport pick up, meals, excursions and a holistic approach including massage, meditation, NLP and Emotrance which is integrated with Life Coaching.

Lillian Bernadine, MA, CQSW, is an independent Social Work and Management Consultant, and ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) Certified Personal and Executive Life Coach. Lillian undertakes individual and team Mentoring, Coaching and Consultation. Her specialism is in working in improving individual and team performance, stress and workload management and in helping clients achieve and maintain a more effective work-life balance. Lillian has also worked as a Management and Business Development Consultant to several businesses.

Life Coaching is an investment in your Personal Development and the next chapter of your life.

Regain Focus, Regain Control, Regain the Life you want and deserve.

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Mango Palma Offers:

  • A breathtaking and unrivalled sea view
  • Lush vegetation – in fact more green than you have ever seen!
  • Near deserted beaches and much more!!

Not far from Concord Water Falls and the fishing village of Gouyave, Mango Palma is situated within the residential area of Mt Nesbit and is within walking distance of Palmiste Beach.

Named after the majestic mango tree which sits within the garden, which has been famous over many generations, Mango Palma offers an authentic Caribbean experience, peace, comfort and a perfect base from which you can explore the entire Island.

Failing that, you can just sit in tranquillity on any of the many verandahs, look at the sea, allow yourself to be rejuvenated and watch the world go by…